Gantry Barrel Plating Equipment

For metal parts galvanizing and passivation process, metal parts rolling copper, nickel, tin imitation gold and passivation process..


1. Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, safe operation, low noise, easy maintenance.
2. Production increased by 3 times, 30% efficiency, uniform coating, good quality.
3. Significantly improve labor productivity, good performance and stability.
4. Routine to enhance the load to 100-250 kg.
5. Automatic loading and unloading device and manual loading and unloading device can meet the requirements.
6. According to customer needs to change the mode of operation of machinery.

7. Imported PLC control with touch screen or PC,the system program open,easy adjustment, high degree of automation & has a power interruption memory automatic debugging features with a variety of functions of automatic,semi-automatic,manual & emergency operation.
8. PLC programmable logic controller to control the production line running,accurate,adjustable speed.
9. Lane road wheel using steel core polyester rubber composite structure,locate parking imported magnetic inductive proximity switch,run the imported brands & imported inverter control with break motors,smooth operation ,accurate parking.
10. Roller material used PP,PVC,Acrylic material such as computer drilling or injection plate mesh plate.
11. It may be more than one combination into a small barrel plating production lines ,less investment , start fast,flexible application,flip the parts more evenly & fully barrel plating automatic production line is widely used in metal,electronics, automotive, lighting, furniture, spokes & other industries , can be adapted to a variety of small parts. standard parts & various types of plating needs substantial increase in labour productivity.