closed Automatic Anodizing Production Line

Closed Automatic Anodizing Production Line:-

The electroplating workshop consists of pendant area, closed room, galvanized cooling passivation area and unloading area. The enclosed room includes five types of degreasing tank, pickling tank (hydrochloric acid), washing basin, auxiliary plating tank and drying tank. Of the sink. Hydrochloric acid is volatile and corrosive, the volatile gas easily combined with moisture in the air to produce acid mist, which requires the design of the steel structure manufacturers must avoid the possibility of corrosion of the main structure.
Anodized aluminum surface hardness, good scratch resistance, good surface appearance , highlighting the sense of modern metal, improve product quality and added value. Widely used in the construction industries ,the electronics industry,coloring craft, military supplies etc. such as building windows & doors PS printing plate, IPHONE cell phone,car wheels, hardware furniture door handles, aircraft landing gear, car wheels, hardware, wire, electric rice pots, lampshades. etc.

Advantages of closed-end production workshop:

1.enhanced sealing effect, effectively preventing the mist of the panel and the main structure of the plant corrosion.
2. to reduce the traffic, cables, electrical and other electrical components of corrosion and reduce the incidence of failure.
3. lower maintenance costs, only the regular replacement of cables and electrical components to ensure safe operation of the road
4. to regular maintenance checks, bringing convenience, easy to view.
5.control the acid mist leakage, improve the working environment