Climbing Plating Production Line

Matrix display Climbing type electroplating production line:
1. The production line is fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual three control modes consisting of the production line, according to the technological requirements of production and design, combined with the actual practices and long experience in surface treatment equipment manufacturing and design straight shaped production line .
2, the production line is climbing automatic plating production lines , product coating having a uniform thickness, smooth and reliable operation, power consumption, low noise, large output, energy saving and reduce water wastage bath to strengthen environmental protection, improve the efficiency of enterprises, etc. advantage. The production line from the PLC and touch screen full automatic control, the use of inverter, multi-stage automatic speed control, slow start, stop and fast operation, machine operation and control concentrated in the total cabinet, the temperature control instruments, operating switches, voltage tables, etc., all concentrated in the control room, convenient operation and control using the touch screen to achieve a comprehensive monitoring and modify the process at any time and process, and automatically record the electroplating process, the process parameters. To ensure product quality, improve product consistency, but also facilitate the standardized management of the workshop. Mode of operation is fully automatic, and manual control two ways to choose to use.
3, the whole process of loading and unloading material by the completion of manual operation, the material position using a fixed location, manually confirmed. From the boom into the surface treatment function slot, automatic completion of the plating process.