An Annular Vertical Lift Production Line Characteristics:-

1. vertical landing-plating production line is circular movement of dual chain caterpillar drive up and down the lift to reach the replacement of the electroplating process plating line, which runs a flexible, low noise, wide range of applications.
2. the vertical lift of the four cars Aberdeen wheels on the robotic arm sliding track, running very flexible and can adjust the tightness;.
3. the annular lifting means automatic production line is not a "0" shaped track to run, run parts per lap to finish all processing operations, foreign Also known as U-shaped automatic production lines,.
There are several types. Vertical lifting electroplating production line is a double-chain chain-driven chain drive, up and down, up and down to the electroplating process to replace the electroplating process, it is flexible, low noise, widely used

Vertical lift of the car by the four wheels in the robot arm on the track, running very flexible, you can adjust the elastic. Lifting means endless automatic production line is along the "0" shaped running track, components run every lap to finish all machining processes, known as U-shaped foreign automatic production line,
this line uses hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable, noise small; using automatic computer control system, PC full range of programmable logic controller, operator action is simple, accurate; speed time can be arbitrary regulation in accordance with the technical requirements of the plating process. With buffering device, plated pieces clamped firmly; greatly reduce the operator, improve the quality of electroplating.
High production efficiency, large output. Applicable to medium and small parts of the mass production, mainly used for metal plating industry linked to nickel, chromium, bronze, silver and other electroplating equipment!