Automatic Gantry Plating Equipment

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying excellent quality Automatic Gantry Electroplating Equipment to our valuable clients. This plating line is fit for various hardwares on a large scale. It’s usually plating for zinc,tin ,copper, nickel, gold, silver, rhodium plating ,palladium plating & alloys can be a single layer or a multilayer plating, alloy plating, composite plating , chemical plating ,aluminum oxide,black/blue,chemical polishing,electrochemical polishing & passivation etc. It is conducted by human-machined interface with PLC automation,and it can be equipped with some advanced machines,such as automatically-add devices of PH or AH,recyclable device of condensed solution and automatically-control device of rectifier etc.This machine runs automatically,stably and reliably,and it has efficient productivity...


•reasonable structures,beautiful appearance,safe operation,low noise,easy maintenance.
• production increase 3 times,30% more efficient,uniform coating,good quality.
• substantial increase in labor productivity, good performance and stability..
• automatic loading and unloading device and manual loading and unloading device can meet the requirements..
• mechanical operation mode can be changed according to customer demand. .

Gantry Plating Production Line 01:

. The gantry traveling type electroplating copper, nickel, chrome automatic line.
.Large plating tank capacity, gantry crane can be opened or closed with a separate group to enhance the double hook, the production capacity.
.Cathode into 15-30 °, angle swing, adjustable frequency, improve the fine lines and small diameter plating quality.
.PLC programmable automatic control, LCD touch screen operation and display, a high degree of automation
.Machine made of high quality stainless steel and imported plate, corrosion resistance, temperature, long service life.

Gantry Plating Production Line 02:

Running track installed in the tank on both sides, can also be made into rail structure. It has the advantages of slowing down the corrosion of the track and the running mechanism and facilitating the trouble-shooting of the electrical sensor. High rigidity, large lifting capacity, smooth operation, automatic high-precision computerized control with large plating tank, automatic memory for production process parameters, storage, advanced function for quality inspection. Equipped with vibrating swing with air stirring. PLC automatic control, accurate operation. Equipped with high-precision filter to ensure high-quality coating. With a high-quality brand of rectifier to ensure the stability of plating.

Gantry Plating Production Line 03:

The automatic gantry type electroplating production line adopts PLC electric control, manual control, stable start, accurate positioning, high reliability, simple replacement procedure. It can run electroplating to specified co-location according to different requirements, especially for heavy workpieces Of the plating and treatment.
According to customer requirements and plating the shape, size, type and temperature and the chemical composition of the drug and other reasons, select the appropriate material to give personalized design in order to achieve the best possible economic benefits.
Automatic gantry plating production line is also applicable to copper, nickel, chrome, zinc, oxidation, phosphate and other technology.

Gantry Plating Production Line 04 :-

1, plating equipment: manufacture of PP, PVDF, PVC tank and stainless steel tank (plating bath / cell / oxidation tank / groove formation).
2, plating production lines: automatic gantry production line, automatic production line ring pattern, small semi-automatic barrel plating production lines.
3, peripheral equipment: industrial waste gas treatment tower purification equipment, industrial waste water treatment equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machines, industrial water, water cooler, rectifier, filter, oven, centrifuge, filter paper, filter cotton core.

Gantry Plating Production Line-05:-

The production line adopts imported brake motor, stable running, reliable braking, small shaking, combined with the use of computer program-controlled, can be arbitrarily transform the process and procedures, can be used in a variety of plating production and use, can change plating plating and electroplating time, To meet the plating of different parts and different kinds of plating can also be used for different shapes and sizes, but often transform the product plating.

Gantry Plating Production Line-06:-

1. The whole machine using programmable controller control, can be programmed into multiple sets of processes to suit the production process of different pieces of plating, you can choose manual / automatic function, easy to operate.
2. The crane is running with the inverter control Italy with a brake motor, parking positioning using magnetic induction switch, which runs smoothly, parking is accurate.
3. crane trip, lifting capacity, suitable for large, medium and small parts of the automated production.

A brief description:
1. The number and configuration of various work stations on the production line can be determined according to the technological requirements and the expected output.
2. In response to the site can be divided into linear or U-two distribution.
3. Linear distribution of automatic production line, according to the actual situation of the production line plant to determine the location of the workpiece loading and unloading at one or both ends of the automatic line.
4. U-type distribution of automatic production line, the tank is divided into two rows, loading and unloading of the workpiece position in the production line at one end, the other end of the transition to the workpiece to another line, U-type distribution used in more production lines.
5. Can be divided into high and low rail two. The low rail support has the characteristics of short installation time on the spot, convenient to clean the guide rail and relatively low cost, but it is not suitable for the crane to run at a low speed. The low rail bracket has the features of short running speed, low occupancy of the production site, Too fast.